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Cookie Policy

The use of cookies is required for the "Blue Management Group" website to work properly. This Policy aims to explain to Users what they are, what they are for and why they are necessary.
By visiting the site, you will see a notice that uses cookies, and if you continue to use its services, you agree to this Cookie Policy.

1. What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on the User's mobile device or computer when visiting a website.

2. Types of cookies
There are several types of cookies that the User may encounter. 

2.1 Depending on their origin, they can be: 
a) First-party cookies - These are the cookies used by the site visited by the User. Only that particular website can read them and therefore obtain information from them.
b) Third-party cookies - They are created by other external websites whose services may be used by the website the User has visited.

2.2 Depending on the duration of storage, they may be:
a) Persistent cookies - They are stored on the device used by the User when visiting the site and are not automatically deleted.
b) Session cookies - These are deleted the moment the User closes their browser.

2.3 Depending on their purpose, they may be:
a) Essential cookies - They ensure the correct functioning of the site and do not collect information about Users. They cannot be removed and do not require consent.
b) Analytical cookies - These are placed by third parties for the purpose of collecting analytical and statistical information that is not personalized and does not contain personal data.
c) Advertising cookies - They collect information about the Users' standard browsing for the purpose of displaying relevant advertisements, the so-called targeting of the audience. These cookies require the User's consent.
d) Functional cookies - Allow the Site to remember individual changes made by Users - language, view, font, etc. They aim to improve the user experience by personalizing features. The information collected may also be anonymous. These cookies cannot track users' activity on other sites.
e) Performance cookies - Collect information about how the website is used. They do not collect personal data.

3. What cookies "Blue Management Group" uses and how they are used
The attached table lists the cookies used by the Site of [company name]. The name, type, period for which they are stored and their purpose are described in detail. The [company name] Site is built on the Wix platform and uses the cookies it provides. For more information, please take a look HERE.

4. Web services used by the website of "Blue Management Group".
4.1 Google and the web services and platforms offered by Google Inc.
4.2 LinkedIn
4.3 Facebook
4.4 Instagram
4.5 YouTube
Services made available by third parties are outside the control of "Blue Management Group". Providers may change the terms of use of their service, the purpose and use of cookies, etc., at any time.

5. Control of cookies by Users
Users decide for themselves whether they wish to use cookies or not.

5.1 Delete
The user can remove cookies from his personal device by deleting the history of the browser used. This eliminates all cookies from all websites visited.
By deleting them, there is a risk that Users will lose the information stored as login details, site preferences, etc.

5.2 Managing the cookies for a specific site
Users can control cookies on a site by changing the privacy settings and controls of the used browser.

5.3 Blocking cookies
Users can prevent cookies from being placed on their devices by adjusting the used browser. This carries the risk of loss of functionality when visiting a site and necessitates the manual unblocking of each site individually.

6. Revisions to the Cookie Policy
Any subsequent changes to "Blue Management Group"'s Cookie Policy will be posted on this page. 

This Cookie Policy for "Blue Management Groups"'s website will take effect from 10.09.2021

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