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Privacy Policy


Please read this document carefully as it contains the Privacy Policy for website users (the “Site”). If you do not agree to the Policy, you may not use the Site and the services of "Blue Management Group".
"Blue Management Group" ensures all personal data collected in the course of its activities will be kept confidential, will not be used for purposes other than those for which it was collected and will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the data holder, except in the cases provided by law.

Confidential information
In connection with the performance of its core activities, "Blue Management Group" collects and processes information related to the offering and searching for real estate on its websites, and for this purpose, real estate agents and office administrators submit information sent by persons who are potential customers to the corporate database. When searching for real estate, it includes name, phone number, email, budget, and characteristics of the real estate being searched for. When offering real estate, the needed information includes phone number, e-mail of the owner, property address, selling price or monthly rent, and characteristics of the real estate. When reviewing job applications, the needed personal data include applicants' names, phone, email and biographical information. All of the gathered data is collected and safely stored in the company database. 

Use of collected information
"Blue Management Group" uses the information only for conducting its business and real estate transactions as desired by users and clients, and for accepting new employers.

Information provision regime
"Blue Management Group" does not provide information to third parties about users' personal data on any grounds, except with their consent and in the cases specified by law.
To enable real estate transactions to be carried out by users who have requested information using "Blue View Management"'s Site, "Blue Management Group" provides third parties only with a description of the characteristics of the property, in accordance with the Terms of Use of "Blue Management Group"'s Site. 

Permanent confidentiality and data protection activities
"Blue Management Group" is obliged to observe and implement privacy and data protection measures at all times as part of its activities.
"Blue Management Group" has the right to change its concept of privacy, taking into account the development of its activities and changes that occur in the relationship with users.
In this sense, any changes to the privacy and data protection conditions will be reflected in this document.


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